Center Stage possABILITIES is a unique 501c3 organization that exists in San Antonio to teach Faith-based values to people with disabilities by creating a community of fellowship and learning through theater.

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The success of our program is made possible through our partners. Please consider joining our family! or consider volunteering your time or resources by letting us know how we can reach you! Become part of the miracle!!!


UMC makes disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world by building bridges to Christ, compassion and community. CSP is grateful for a place to call home!!!


Alamo City Racquetball Association

George Bustos, Web Designer

We are racquetball enthusiasts who decided to bring a unique offering to our community, by volunteering our time to host tournaments, leagues, and clinics. We also have a focus on youth racquetball and offer scholarships for our community to encourage children to exercise and educate them on the benefits of racquetball, from camaraderie and teamwork to a healthy lifestyle.

“CSP is honored to be collaborating with such an extraordinary group of people”


Valero looks for opportunities to collaborate with local official, community and nonprofit leaders and fence-line residents to improve the quality of life and help build strong communities. We are proud to not only call Valero our community partner, but part of our CSP family. Their generosity pours into the lives of our friends with disabilities,
allowing them a way to express their passions through theater. A place where they can celebrate their abilities. Valero’s commitment helps us have hope that our dreams won’t be dismissed.


A fresh adddition to San Antonio, devoted to serving their clients AND their community. We are honored to be part of their efforts to beautify San Antonio, from the inside out.

Yes! They are an extraordinary law firm with big firm experience and a small firm structure; well positioned to advise clients on the most complex business disputes with the personal attention they deserve. But they also have a HUGE heart for the community of people with special needs. From litigation, to volunteer work, to supporting the passion of theater, Jefferson Cano has proven they are a total community law firm, doing much more than status quo!!! Thank you!!!



We develop and implement software and databases that help you communicate with your audience through online and printed solutions.

Jon Payne has been making music as a Rapper and Producer since 2006. He has performed in many venues in and around the San Antonio area and has shared the stage with the likes of Lecrae, Tedashii, Trip-lee, and Jarrell Flowers. He was a Rapzilla beat battle Contestant in 2018 (Atlanta SxSW Music Festival) and a Semi-Finalist in 2019 (Austin SXSW Music Festival). He is currently producing a 15 Track Visual Compilation Album for a Collective of 3 artists called “The Fam”. The 4 artists are Hilgy, John Navi, and Mr. Johnson.s.

A site for learning about “change artists,” and for buying merchandise that is changing the world and the individuals who create the art … for the better!


“We are blessed to be able to support CSP.  Thankful for the work you put into this to just continue being a light to so many. 
“May God continue to be glorified through all that you guys are doing!”
—The Tak family


“We so appreciate meeting the Berio’s family within our Believer’s Garden family. We have grown all the richer. What a beautiful example of kindness and service. And…our future star Teddy has captured everyone’s heart.” 
—The Berio’s family

“Dedication, love, service, faith and advocacy are foundational in the Sharman family. So appreciate their sacrifice of support, encouragement, and love”
—The Sharman Family

“This family has been with us from the beginning and one of our major fund raisers. Cannot thank them enough for all their work and commitment to the success of Center Stage. It’s beautiful to watch how God has grown their family. A special shout out to the Superstar of the group, Lilly ‘Lola’ Livingston”
—The Livingston Family


“This woman does so much behind-the-scenes’ work, donating an extraordinary amount of time and funds to help CSP serve its members and the community. She’s part of the root of Center Stage…and serves on our Board. She prefers to stay hidden but, as Jesus said, don’t put a lamp “under a bowl. Instead…put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house” (Matthew 5:15). 
—Ronda Ebner and Family 

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